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Cow Defence

CowDefence is a fast-paced vegan friendly shooter game. In this game, You will be a Cow who will utilize an arsenal of vegetable made guns, grenades, and swords to safeguard yourself from Dr. Ribeye’s evil butchers.

Your goal is to defeat all the butcher-like minions summoned by Dr. Ribeye. If you survive long enough, then Dr. Ribeye will meet you face to face for the final battle!

Upgrade walls and vegetable weapons by collecting coins; you can collect coins by destroying Dr. Ribeyes minions.

The game is straightforward, but difficult at the same time. The key to success when battling Dr. Ribeye and his minions is to never give up!


* Use the touch screen to control your character.
* Kill the Butchers before they break your wall.
* Collect Coins by defeating butchers.
* Purchase and Upgrade weapons for better damage output.
* Upgrade your wall for better protection against the evil butchers.


* Fast paced action shooter
* Playable Offline
* Optimized Graphics for Smoother Gameplay
* 12 Weapons at your disposal

*** Supports All Android and iOS devices ***


Control your retro style spaceship and avoid obstacles to survive as long as possible.

If you are up for the challenge, then take control of your ship to test how long you can survive endlessly generated obstacles that are designed to stop you in your tracks!

Earn bonus multipliers for staying alive over long periods of time. If you die then use the “revive” feature, then your bonus multiplier will be set back to 0, but you will be able to continue where you left off with your current score.

Beat your own high score. If you feel that you are the best, then you are not alone; there is always someone out there who is better than you!


* Control Your Ship By swiping left and right.
* Dodge obstacles to survive.
* Rank Higher on the leaderboard by Maintaining a high score.


* Optimized High-Quality images for bigger screens.
* Online In-game chat.
* everlasting gameplay. There is no “end”.
* Leaderboard
* Single Player

*** Supports Android and iOS Devices ***